Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To: Jake (Son)
From: Lynn (Mom)
Subject: Need Movie
Monday 18th May

Choke sounds like fun!
It's a movie.

Friday, May 15, 2009


To: Sarah (Daughter)
From: Stephen (Dad)
Subject: It's raining kittens, just kittens
Friday 15th May

I suppose you have heard about the kittens? One came outside my bedroom window on Monday night followed by two more on Tuesday night , I’m sure the first one must have text the other two telling them what a great place our house was so now we have three kittens and one very jealous Willis, who is not at all keen on the new visitors(“Cat ignores owners”, see latest cat monthly). They eat like there is no tomorrow, they seem to like me but only when I have food , why is that? I have had to take out a loan to buy more cat food, Willis is also demanding more stroking time and attention to compensate for keeping the kittens(cat union rules No1015).I have taken some photos of the happy trio and will send you some soon .

We are having the most incredible Indian summer at the moment , it has not rained for at least 5 months and the temperature has been a constant 28c every day since April, very unusual , and very bad for farmers wanting to start sowing their crops it should rain by next Tuesday but the forecast is still for a dry

Season ahead. End of forecast.

Anyway take care and enjoy your stay in New York (y’know they call it the big apple? Why is that? Why not the Gala apple?

Love Dad xxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, May 1, 2009

To: Jake (Son)
From: Lynn (Mom)
Subject: re:
Wednesday 29th April

Ellie's good--she sleeps with me. But daytime comes and she scratches furniture and gnaws on me. Then I have to give here a time out so she stops lying on my computer.

In my contacts, a little square comes up with your name and a taco star of david.