Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To: Sarah (Daughter)
From: Elaine (Mom)
Subject: re: People of Walmart
Thursday 15th October

Well thank you for that. I now have those gross images fixed in my brain. On the other hand, I suddenly feel good about myself....
To: Allison (Daughter)
From: Ruth (Mom)
Subject: xo
Monday October 20th

you are wonderful and I adore you!!!!!!!!
XO mama

Monday, October 19, 2009

To: Drea (Daughter)
From: Linda (Mom)
Subject: re: weekend
Monday October 19th

Amazing Race is still my favorite show and I wish you could get a job with them. What a way to see the world. Who is Reichen? The gay winner? My second favorite show is Brothers and Sisters, so you could work for them, too. I had to miss the first part of it last night because Amazing Race started over an hour late because CBS showed a stupid football game.

Did you see the picture I posted on Facebook?
Love, Gidget