Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To: Sarah (Daughter)
From: Elaine (Mom)
Subject: Hello
Monday 15th December

Last Wednesday we had a lot of rain here, and nearly all of it fell while I was walking home from work. I kid you not, there was a bloody thunderstorm about 2 minutes after I got into the middle of nowhere-to-shelter, I was quite scared of the lightening so that took my mind off how DRENCHED I was getting. It took 2 days for my shoes to dry our in the sun which followed. Your father couldn’t stop laughing when he saw me, I looked like I’d just got out of the shower. And then on Sunday it was 38 degrees. So that’s probably why a lot of people here are getting sick as well. Dad’s had a sore throat, a sore neck, his shoulder’s playing up and now he’s got an ear infection and his sinuses are not good – all this since Saturday. Of course you realise that he’s going to live to be 100 while I’ll probably drop dead next week. I think that’s his plan anyway.

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Drea said...

Elaine! Needs a talk show!