Thursday, April 23, 2009

To: Art (Son)
From: Kobbie (Mom)
Subject: Thanks
Thursday 23rd April

****Oliver is the dog****

Hey buds!

How are you doing??

Weird to think your brother is 23… God, where does time go when it passes? I think it deserves a coffin and memorial service ‘cause I’m starting to mourn its passing more and more every day.

Want a fun visual? I had to break into the house and climb through a window this morning. But wait, it gets better. Dad dropped Oliver and I off about 3-miles from the house so early this morning it was still dark when we left (though not when we got home). We ran on the road, but then I decided that today we’d be adventurous and we branched off and went through the Cougar Mountain Reserve. Cool, right? Except it rained last night and there was mud and muck everywhere. We were both covered – I just laughed and said what the hell.

Until I got home and had to climb in a window.

Not wanting to ruin our very expensive paint job on the dining room walls – you guessed it, I had to strip down to my skivvies. Not fun. You see, normally, we remember to leave the garage door open when Dad drops us off on his way to work. This morning we forgot. And Dad was at the airport to catch an early morning flight, so it’s not like he could come back home to let us in.

Oh, well. Now I have a story to tell. Hope you enjoyed it. I’m not quite laughing, yet. I’ll give it a day; I’m sure I’ll come around.

Okay, I’m off.



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