Friday, November 21, 2008

To: Sarah (Daughter)
From: Elaine (Mom)
Subject: Hello
Thursday 16th October

You'll love this - last night's bus home was being driven by one of those jerky type drivers and Crazy got off the bus and threw up. It was only a bit but I think she ate some carrots for lunch. Also, she turned round so we could all see the action - gross. I did feel sorry for her though because those jerky type drivers make me feel a bit queasy also. I might have to get the next bus while he's on this shift.

So I hope you weren't eating anything nice and disgusting (like those cakes you took a photo of) while you were reading this.

Goodness me look at the time - I must go and try and look industrious.

Just one question - why does the LA Phil play at the Walt Disney place?

lotsalove, Mum. xoxoxox

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