Monday, November 24, 2008

To: Sarah (Daughter)
From: Elaine (Mom)
Subject: Australia in Perspective
Sunday 23 November

Yesterday I was standing in the kitchen when I saw a magpie go strutting past the sliding door, having a good sticky beak at everything. Then it hopped up on one of the chairs and I was watching Willis (who woke up on one of the other chairs) to make sure she didn't attack the maggie. When the bird hopped to one of the other chairs Willis rushed over to the sliding door, banging on it and her face saying "Let me in there's a great big feathery thing out here with long pointy bits and I'm scared". So I let her in and she pretended to be all cool and calm by turning her back on the door (once she made sure it was shut) and giving herself those little licks that she does when she's pretending to be cool. Poor Willis - the maggie did have an exceptionally pointed beak though. I think she's missing her cuddles from you - Dad and I just don't measure up. And I'm probably not helping matters by showing her pictures of you with other cats.

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