Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To: Allison (Daughter)
From: Ruth (Mom)
Subject: feline-human attraction
Tuesday 13 January

Maybe there's hope for the future for me and your little girls. When I cared for Jane's cats this past weekend, they greeted me and one was definitely receptive to petting, if not quite purring.
And this afternoon I stopped at Sprainbrook Nursery (for their two for price of one flowering cyclamen) and they have a LARGE short-haired black cat with a bewitching white patch on its throat. He/or she only had eyes for me....not that there were many customers. But we had eye contact and the cat kept coming back for more stroking.
When do you actually switch offices?......if you're too busy, you really don't have to stop to tell me now. Just reporting in on my kitty-progress.
xo mama

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