Monday, January 26, 2009

To: Art (Son)
From: Kobbie (Mom)
Subject: re: Abuela
January 26th 2009

Hey buds –

We spent this past weekend up in Bellingham, Washington on a dog training clinic. It was intense. And, we discovered, Oliver is a very bad dog, indeed. Oh, a lovable little guy – LOVES everyone and everything – but he thinks every molecule of the universe is his. He's willing to share, but it's his. He rules. This is going to be a very hard concept to drill out of him, though he came close to learning it. Every time he got near a male dog, they'd growl, grumble and one went so far to bite him. I, of course, freaked out – but we were to blame. We had to take a doggy time-out. And, they're right, Oliver did go up to him and try to sniff/play – encroached on "his" space. But, jeez. Needless to say, was not the weekend I was expecting.

Miss you, buds – hope you're feeling grand!

Love you,


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