Thursday, November 20, 2008

To: Drea (Daughter)
From: Gidget (Mom)
Subject: Winter arrived
November 10 11:17am

Good morning. We had an uneventful weekend, spent mostly indoors watching the snow flurries by the fire. Actually, it melted as it hit the ground, so we don't have snow cover yet. It is gray and winter like though.

We met Kyle for lunch at Bonfire on Saturday. He told us about his Halloween costume and parties. He was someone from Dazed and Confused, a movie I know nothing about, and had a great time.

We went to iHop for breakfast on Sunday. Their pancakes are certainly more dessert than breakfast. I did some shopping on Sunday afternoon and got the green vest that Jade liked.

I also watched Made of Honor and the DaVinci code.

Have a good week.
Love, Gidget